Surrey population

A look at City of Surrey Population Growth In Last Decade.

  City of Parks, Surrey, has been home for me over 14 years and Realtor in Surrey for 7 years.

Surrey has been a destination for lot of new immigrants, especially for South Asian community.Reason behind being a popular place for new immigrants to settle has been its affordability than Metro Vancouver area. Its expensive to live in surrey now after the real estate boom in 2015, but still its lot cheaper than Vancouver, Burnaby and Richmond. Vancouver is only 25 Minutes ride on Skytrain and 40 Minutes to 1 hour on car depends on traffic. There is big price difference in housing between Surrey and Vancouver. Well there are lot of reasons behind the price difference, which will take hours of writing to differentiate. Lets look at the data available of population growth of Surrey and Its Neighbourhoods on City of Surrey official Website.

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